Navigating AI in K-12 Education  

Join leading educators from across Australia, along with respected European AI specialist, Arend Groot Bleumink, for an insightful Virtual Round Table discussion. This session aims to foster a meaningful dialogue around the influence of AI in K-12 education.

Engage in a thought-provoking discourse with your peers and delve into pivotal themes:

Training Gaps: Addressing the need for robust training to utilise AI effectively in classrooms. What are the hurdles and how can we overcome them?
Responsible AI Usage: A candid discussion on navigating privacy concerns with AI-driven educational tools, ensuring a safe and ethical digital learning environment.
AI’s Place in Education: Delve into the current state and the future of AI in education. How can we ensure AI tools align well with our educational goals and values?
Over-reliance on Technology: Balancing technological adeptness with nurturing critical thinking skills in students. Where should the line be drawn?

Limited to 50 Attendees: Join us on Wednesday, 15th November 2023 to better understand and shape the role of AI in education.

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